Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm back....and happily married

Sorry to all of you faithful bloggers out there. I haven't updated my blog for a week for one simple reason....I GOT MARRIED!!! Then I was in DISNEY WORLD for 5 days. So again, I apologize but I think I had a pretty good excuse for missing a week of updating. Thanks so much to all my friends and family that were able to make it to the wedding, and Isabel and I are truly excited to begin our new life together! WOO HOO!

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At 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats!! looking forward to meeting Isabel!....and getting to know you both! linda g

At 23:29, Blogger Jones said...

Matt! You are alive!! I thought you might have died or something because you didn't update for a week! Ok, that was just a slight exageration. Anyway, congrats on your marraige!

At 09:40, Blogger ~~anna~~ said...

Congrats!Looking forward to meeting the two of you when Bob and I are back in July.
We went to Disneyworld for part of our honeymoon, also. Of course, that was back in 1972...DW was so new, NOBODY could give us directions. One guy actually said "Is that that new amusement park place?" and then proceeded to give us directions thru 10 miles of orange groves (NO LIE!). Our hotel (The Dutch Inn) just outside the gate, was so new that we had to wait for the inspector to leave so we could get into our room. Boy have things changed there now!
Best wishes to both of you!

At 22:59, Blogger Chloe Lou said...

Congrats. Your pictures are great. Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.
(At least I was faithful to my readers. I kept my blog up even through exams! *ha ha* kidding)


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