Monday, June 12, 2006

wedding Pictures (some good, some just weird)

These are just some candid pics that I have from the rehersal and wedding day. Enjoy, especially the last one.

saying the vows:
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Cool pic while taking pictures:
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My bride walking down the aisle:
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Just a downright weird pic with me and my father-in-law:
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At 10:19, Blogger danny2 said...

first pick must not have been during the rings, cuz your actually looking at her in the picture.

At 10:59, Blogger Matt Strader said...

well, I was just the comedic relief of the day, that's all!

At 23:44, Anonymous jared hood said...

matt all of those are off the video that i took. I just created those stills off the playhead. I always look for weird facial expressions!

At 23:47, Anonymous hoo haa d said...

oh i forget, you were streching your face during that last image. haha

At 22:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are we going to get some of the wedding photos? Do you have some or does Jared?

At 18:59, Anonymous ebev said...

Matt, you have the greatest blog ever!!! By the way, i need more words of wisdom!!! lol


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